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8324 E. 41st St
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5904 E. 100th Terrace
Kansas City, MO




3420 Heatherton Dr
Davenport, IA (Quad Cities)




Will Your 401K or IRA Account Be Enough When It Comes Time to Retire?


Every day 10,000 Americans reach retirement age and most are not financially prepared. In fact, the median Vanguard account for those 65 and over is only $58,035. Will you be prepared to retire comfortably when the time comes?


Most people can never save enough for retirement, especially in high cost of living markets. While many of them are worried that their low yield CD's, annuities and bonds or unpredictable stocks and mutual funds in their 401K and IRA accounts won't be enough for retirement, most don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to go about finding the best real estate markets and properties in which to invest.


We help investors create wealth and financial security for retirement through ownership of income producing, turn key properties in strong cash flow rental markets. By focusing on strategically targeted and proven markets, we help you reduce the risk and maximize the returns on your real estate investment. 




Whether you’re thinking about buying your first investment property, or expanding your current portfolio, we can help you reach your real estate investment goals. We cater to the “arm-chair” investor that wants the cash-flow benefits of real estate without the hassle of finding, renovating, leasing and managing rental properties themselves.

Successful real estate Investment doesn’t have to be hard or risky.

We take the work out of it for you and reduce your risk by providing  true turn key rental properties that are fully renovated, have tenants in place and are under professional property management. 


We deliver a truly turn key passive income real estate investment . Why buy a distressed property, renovate it, find tenants and manage it yourself when we do all the work for you?


We know the best markets and neighborhoods and work with a carefully selected network of partners to assure the best performance and return on your real estate investment.


We focus on markets with strong, growing economies and properties in stable, working class neighborhoods that offer good cash flow. So, if you’re an investor looking for a safe 12-15% cash on cash return on your money without the hassle of being a landlord, then turn-key real estate investment is the perfect choice.

Let us help you choose the market and property that is right for you

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