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The Single Biggest Mistake Out-of-State Investors Make

Buying out of state can be a daunting proposition for many real estate, but the fact is, most of what can go wrong can happen whether you're investing in your hometown or 1000 miles away

Do You Really Pay More For a Turn-key Property?

There's a natural assumption that you pay more for a turn-key property where everything is done for you but do you really? Here are 6 reasons why that isn't always the case. 

Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment Despite Higher Interest Rates?

Why real estate is still a good investment in spite of higher interest rates.

2021 Real Estate Market Outlook. Is Another Crash Coming?

Real estate prices skyrocketed in 2020 but does that mean there will be a bubble in 2021?

Why I Don't Like Cheap Properties

Ever since the foreclosure crisis of 2008, there has been an endless supply of cheap houses with eager investors willing to snatch them up. But are these cheap properties with promises of great cash fow and high returns good investments?

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