Financing Your Investment Property

Leverage lets you build a larger portfolio with a relatively small amount of your own money. There are many options available for financing investment properties. Although we don't provide financing, we have a network of trusted referral partners that can assist you.

  • Conventional Mortgages

    Contrary to media reports that banks are not making investor loans, it is possible to finance investment properties through conventional bank loans with good credit and a 20%-25% down-payment. We have a referral network of top mortgage brokers throughout the nation who specialize in investor loans that can help you finance your investment. They can even do small loan amounts in most cases .

  • Portfolio Loans

    Conventional Fannie Mae loans limit a borrower to a maximum of 10 mortgages which restricts an investors ability to grow their real estate portfolio. We can refer you to a portfolio lender and free you from Fannie Mae limits to build your portfolio.

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  • Self-directed IRA

    Self directed IRA's allow a variety of investment options, including real estate, rather than just stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The IRS has allowed investment in real-estate since IRA's were established in 1975.Real estate can significantly improve the performance of a languishing retirement account. Real estate has become a popular investment choice for investors looking for higher returns and more control over there retirement accounts. We can refer you to a self directed IRA custodian to help get you started.

  • Non-recourse Financing

    If you're a non U.S. resident or or want to finance property in your self directed IRA, conventional bank financing won't be an option to you. That's where a non recourse asset based lender can help. An asset based lender will lend solely on the strength of the asset and not on your personal credit. The asset based lender will require a higher down-payment and interest rate but can finance deals that banks can't. We work closely with an asset based lender that can finance U.S. and non U.S. residents through non-recourse 30 year loans.

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