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Why Invest In Indianapolis

  • Solid rent-to-price ratios

  • Most affordable major housing market

  • Indiana rated 2nd most landlord friendly state

  • 45% of population are renters

  • Among highest cash-on-cash rates in the nation

  • Vacancy rates below national average

What Others Say About Indianapolis

Indianapolis' reputation as a hotbed for tech jobs keeps growing

- USA Today

Indianapolis used to be the quintessential Rust Belt city. Now it’s at the center of a statewide boom in the life-sciences business.

- Wall Street Journal

The City of Indianapolis has evolved into a growth dynamo, setting standards of excellence for urban renewal and economic development

  -  Nation's Cities Weekly

Indianapolis is one of 10 cities poised for greatness in 2012

- The Street

You can share the this crossroads city for the almost breathtaking, tangible success of a revitalization program the likes of which most other older cities are lucky to get to the blueprint stage.

- Los Angeles Times

Construction and development downtown seemed to wake the city up, and today, a thriving cultural scene mixes with Hoosier hospitality and charm.

  -  The New York Times

Indianapolis makes Amazon's short list of possible locations for their 2nd headquarters!


Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the United States and is the capital of the U.S. state of Indiana with a population of around 800,000.


Long known as an industrial, manufacturing based city, Indianapolis has undergone tremendous revitalization and transformation in the last 20 years. Since 1990, more than $8.1B of public and private funds have been invested in Downtown, making it a model for redevelopment for other cities all over the country.


Today, the most prevelant business sectors that are posied for continued growth in Indianapolis include advanced manufacturing, information technology, healthcare and lifesciences, logisitcs and motorsports. Indianapolis is at the center of a statewide boom in the life sciences and has been labeled the Life Sciences Hub" of the nation by The Wall Street Journal, with big names like Eli Lilly and Wellpoint leading the transition.

Most famous for the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis is the nations top sports city with several pro and amateur teams and host to the annual NCAA basketball championship and the 2012 Super Bowl. 

Indianapolis is a major transportation and distribution hub for the Midwest. As the most

centrally located of the largest 100 cities in the United States, the city is served by four interstate highways, six railroads, an international airport and a foreign trade zone, making Indianapolis a major center for distribution and commerce.

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