Quad Cities, IA - "Our Market Choice For Multi-family Properties"

Why Invest In The Quad Cities?

The Quad Cities has the range of industries, depth and nimbleness needed to overcome turbulent times and come out the other side even stronger

- Livability.com

With an economy and job market that keeps plowing along, this state clearly has what it takes to capture businesses' attention.


One of the big reasons we came to Iowa was for the workforce.…this was really about finding a good geographic location for a shipping point to serve our customers

  -  Peter J. deSilvan P

President & COO, UMB Financial Corp

Being able to convince a company of Amazon's size or stature to come to - when they look at the midwest, think of all the places they could look at and they chose this place

- Paul Rumler, Chamber of Commerce President & CEO

The Quad Cities is so unique. We have everything to attract young people and families to make a really great life

  -  Cathy Edwards, Owner, Edwards Creative

The Quad Cities is a growing, bi-state region that straddles the Mississippi River on both the Iowa and Illinois side. It includes the cities of Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island and Moline, with a combined population of over 380,000, making it the largest metropolitan area along the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and St. Louis.


The region lies within a 300-mile radius of 37 million people with access to major markets like Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Des Moines, Omaha, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis within a 1-day drive. The Quad Cities is a leader in logistics with a robust transportation network that includes four interstate highways, eight bridges that connect Iowa and Illinois, four major freight railroads, and the Quad City International Airport that accommodates over one million passengers a year. This is why Amazon has recently chosen Davenport as the location for a new $250M state of the art distribution center.


The Quad Cities region has an advantageous business environment enjoyed by 30,000 existing companies. There are 150 Fortune 500 and 1000 companies that have a presence in the region, as well as the Rock Island Arsenal, which is a major military installation. The cost of doing business here is less than the national average, and less than major markets that are close in proximity. The region has a strong manufacturing presence along with logistics, agricultural innovation/food processing, corporate operations and defense. Businesses have invested over $1.5B capital in expansion and relocation projects between 2017 and 2021, earning the Quad Cities Site Selection Magazines Governor’s Cup award for economic development. The region has been ranked 7th in the Midwest and 1st in Iowa for economic growth by Area Development Magazine. And is ranked the 3rd most diverse economy in the U.S.


The Quad Cities has a well-educated workforce. It is home to award-winning schools and universities, including the world’s founding chiropractic college. The percentage of people in Davenport who are college-educated is higher than the average US. Test scores are 26% higher than the U.S. national average. There are 7 colleges and universities in the Quad Cities and 40 higher education institutions within a 90-mile radius with 40,000 graduates each year.


Forbes rates the Quad Cities' quality of life high, with a low cost of living index, an 18-minute predictable, non-congested commute time and ample cultural and recreational amenities including theater, ballet, symphony orchestra, art, science, minor league sports, outdoor recreation, and family museums.


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