Real Estate Investment the Easy Way

Passive Real Estate Investment for the "Arm Chair" Investor

One of the easiest and least risky ways to invest in real estate, is to buy turn-key properties.


Most people are too busy with work and life to put a team together, find a property, renovate it and manage it on their own, especially from out of state. With turn-key properties, all of the work is done for you, from renovation of the property, to collection of the rent. You don’t have any of the headaches of buying a distressed property, renovating it, finding a tenant and managing it.


By working with carefully selected affiliate partners in each market, we can offer a quality, turn-key or rent ready property that provides a safe, consistent, passive income stream. All the work is done for you. From acquistion of the property to collection of the rents. Our clients enjoy all of the benefits of owning rental properties without the hassles of managing them.

Advantages of a Turn-Key Property

  • Ease of entry - you don't have to build a team

  • Immediate cash flow from the day you close

  • No skills or expertise needed. Everything is done for you.

  • Reduced chance of mistakes and surprises​

  • No costly construction overruns​ on a rehab

  • Leverage the experience of experts

We Enable You To Be an Investor - Not a Landlord

Successful investors spend their time focusing on cash flow and the bottom line, not dealing with tenants and repairs which is why being in the hands of good property management is key to your success. We believe that no one can be the best at everything which is why we have chosen to work with third party property managers that are the best at what they do. We carefully screen our property managers and work only with those with a proven track record. Since every property is under professional management, you won't have to deal with late night calls for leaky faucets and backed up sinks. The property manager handles it all for you including placing tenants, collection of the monthly rent, handling repairs, and in rare instances, dealing with evictions. You're own on-line portal will give you 24/7 visibility in to what is going on with your properties at anytime. You manage the Property Manager—not the tenant! 

Do I Pay a Premium for a Turn-key Property?

People often assume that they have to pay a premium for the convenience of a turn key property and therby try to save money by doing it all themselves. The reality is that this is often a myth.


5 Reasons Why a Turn-key Doesn't Always Cost More

  1. Turn key companies make their profit by increasing the value of the property through improvements, not by charging more than market value.
  2. Turn-key companies acquire properties with cash at deeper discounts through auctions, tax sales and directly through asset managers.
  3. Turn key companies can negotiate lower labor costs

  4. Turn key companies get volume discounts on materials from suppliers.

  5. No loss of rental income during renovation and tenant search.

  6. No initial tenant placement fee.

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